Straw Poll success!

Thanks to everyone who headed out into their neighborhoods on Friday night for the first National Straw Poll! We're still pulling together the data and results as it continues to come in from around the country, but there's one thing that we know already from what we've seen: this critical road-test proved the enormous potential for the National Presidential Caucus on December 7th.

In the meantime, we wanted to share a few particularly inspiring photos that Candace sent in from the Open Missouri caucus at the Sarcoxie Library. (Thanks, Candace!)

Candace writes, "It was really exciting to have a nice group discuss political issues in depth, get better acquainted with neighbors and meet new people like Melissa. She liked what she saw and went home to already sign up and do a caucus in her SW MO county!"

What's your caucus story? If you attended (or helped organize) a staw poll in your area, please use the open comment below to let us all know how it went!


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