Another great proposal: The Spinney Plan

We'd like to introduce another great proposal to fix the current primary system -- a system more and more people believe is broken.

Introducing the Spinney Plan, from Massachusetts-based writer and political commentator Mike Spinney.

The "primary system has become a huge propaganda event for the conditioning the American public, repeating the lie that ours is but a two-party political system," writes Spinney on the revered political blog. "Worse, the scam is pulled off with such genius that taxpayers don’t even gripe over the fact that cost of the propaganda campaign is paid for out of their own pockets... I see the NPC as complementary to the Spinney Plan's voting system since NPC offers a national caucus that builds enthusiasm prior to and presages the results of a the structured, two-tiered primary that - were I in charge of national politics - we'd have adopted a long time ago."

You'd be well-served to read the "Spinney Plan" here. And definitely read Spinney's endorsement of the National Caucus on by clicking here.


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