TechPresident: "Very Cool"

This just in from TechPresident:

NPC is "a very cool exercise in democracy that is pushing to get all American citizens — not just those lucky enough to live in Iowa or New Hampshire — involved in the process of selecting our next president." Link


 POSTED BY: iReachable ON December 7, 2007 - 1:18am

You can be part of 08 election by visting

online opinion poll station too. Here you can cast support to your choice of candidate/party and check how your choice is faring among vote circles drawn by age, gender, state among others.

If you are caucus/primary participant taking the poll you can further differentiate your vote from the rest by setting org/interest circle1='[state] caucus participant' or '[state] primary participant'.

Please try it out and rush as the primaries are days away.

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