Window of Opportunity:
The two major parties are collaborating to propose reforms for the common primary calendar.

The effort to push for reform the 2016 Primary Calendar is now wide open. Many groups have worked on this issue for years if not decades, but to little success. There are so many entities involved and yet no central decision making authority exits.

State governments through legislation and with administration by the office of Secretary of State sets that state's primary election date and rules, and are not legally bound to comply with party rules. Thus fair and enforceable calendar rules are essential to compliance and order.

Now it's up to everyone to weigh in on this critical public policy question: how we select the "finalists" to be president.


  • Call on your state and national parties to make a greater effort to push a reform proposal.
  • Contact your state & national elected representatives.
  • Advocate for the plan you or your group thinks best.
  • Write to editorial staffs.
  • Blog everywhere.

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